Lalu at IIMA!!

The ever ridiculed “King Maker” from Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav is going to be at IIMA giving management lessons to students there! Ok. No surprise coz Lalu had changed the way Indians look at Train Travel. He has in a way brought back the Indian Railways `on track’. A few reasons why he deserves praise:

1. Pots used for Tea, Coffee and Lassi in trains have given more ppl jobs in remote villages than any other industry. Exaggerated but true. Potters included.

2. Recruitment drive for filling up vacancies in RPF and modernization programme of RPF in full swing for improving security to passengers and their belongings. More jobs!

3. Full concession in second class extended to unemployed youth appearing for interviews of state government jobs. More! More!

4. 50% concession in second class to farmers and milk producers for travel to national level institutes for training/learning better agricultural practices/dairy farming.

5. 75% concession in second class to rural school students in government schools, once in a year, for study tour.
6. 75% concession in second class to girls from rural areas studying in government schools for attending national level entrance examination for professional courses.
7. Transportation of relief material on priority and free of cost in notified cases, free second class transportation to stranded persons for their evacuation.

8. 50% concession in the normal tariff rates for carrying dead bodies of patients who die while undergoing treatment in major government hospitals.

And a zillion more here.

Read RM’s Railway budget speech here.

After the Fodder Scam and handing over the reigns of Bihar to his wife Rabri Devi, Lalu Yadav has rocked the centre with his portfolio as the Railway Minster. 100/100 marks to him for his current role and may he remain the Railway Minister for all eternity. While he is doing that, Karnataka shud probably consider offering him the role of the Chief Administrator of the Metro Project currently in painstakingly slow pace in Bangalore.

An article in NDTV which might be of interest to you all:

Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav will be seen in a new avatar on Monday that of a management guru.

The minister will give lessons to the students of IIM Ahmedabad on the journey of the Indian railways, from being written off as a “white elephant” two years ago to becoming the second largest profit-earning public sector enterprise.

The invitation to deliver a lecture came after IIM-Ahmedabad’s professor G Raghuram conducted a study of the Indian Railways’ turn-around under Lalu.

He then decided to introduce the case study in the business school’s curriculum.

Lalu will arrive at the prestigious business school after facilitating the formation of a UPA government in Jharkhand.

The minister will speak to students and the faculty on how the railways managed a u-turn to earn profits of Rs 15,000 crore in 2005-06.

Ab sasuraa!! Isko bolthaa hoon `U TURN’!! 🙂


2 Responses to “Lalu at IIMA!!”

  1. lol..this is interesting..what is this coming to?!

  2. I definitely reckon it is a good move to bring the man in to `teach’ management students a lil about business in the `real’ world. He has succeeded in making profits in huge amounts from enormous losses didn’t he? 🙂

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